I'm Fuller

This is old and I just copied it here. I've been writing computer software since I was 14 around 1979. As a software engineer, I can accomplish miracles and work with just about any language and platform. I'm very good with communication and documentation. I get along very well with a group of people, but I'm just as comfortable working alone and creating amazing software in a dungeon. One of these days I'll get enough motivation to clean this resume up.

Contact: seanfuller@yahoo.com


Graduate Studies beyond Master of Science (UTSI) Mathematical Visualization, 2001
3d Scientific Computer Animation, 2000
Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms Short Course

Master of Science in Computer Science
University of Tennessee Space Institute, Tullahoma, Tennessee, 1994

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Math Minor

Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, 1989

Undergraduate Studies

Motlow Community College, Tullahoma, Tennessee, 1988-1989

5.6 Continuing Education Units (Cisco Router Configuration)


Senior Principal Software Engineer
January 2003 to present

Supervisor: Steve Farmer (931)454-1555, Cubic Transportation Systems, 1308 South Washington Street, Tullahoma, TN 37388

Wrote software for fare collection systems that ran under Windows, Linux and Pharlap ETS, in C, C++, Java, C#, etc. Used scrum development. Jesus this resume is old. I'll just enter some stuff from the current environment git (BitBucket), Jira, Java, C++, Sqlite3, Raima DB, MS SQL Server, Oracle, HTML, CSS, XSD, XML, SonarQube, Eclipse, CLion, Visual Studio 2003-2017, Magic Draw, etc. Really this is too much. If I don't know it, I search the Internet and learn very quickly. I can be productive in a few days on anything. And another thing, I love computers. I've loved them my whole life. I love designing and writing software to do something that someone wants and makes things easier for them. I love working on hard software flaws and finding the cause and fixing it.

My first project was the Houston Master Module, which is an embedded ELAN 486 processor with interfaces with the Master Controller (Coin/Bill/Paper Ticket Processor), the Ticket Processing Unit (Magnetic Tickets), and a Tri-reader (Contactless smartcards) via RS-485, and the Garage Computer for daily processing via a Proxim card (secure wireless LAN). Used Rational ClearCase for version control and MS Visio and MS Word for system design and documentation.

Senior Programmer Analyst (Computer Modeling & Simulation)
January 2000 to January 2003

Supervisor: Greg Power (931)454-5832, Sverdrup Technology Inc., Arnold AFB, Tennessee

Created GUI programs for setup, computation, and analysis of 3d computational Fluid Dynamics data using X11, Motif, wxWindows, Perl, OpenGL, PVM, MPI, OpenMP, RPC, and OpenInventor in C, C++, FORTRAN, Python, and TCL/Tk for IRIX, HPUX, and Solaris environments. 3d file format conversions. Using NXAIR, WIND, and Fieldview. Supported engineers with UNIX and code development problems. Code development under DoD-Mil-STD-498 using Internet Version Management System and RCS. Team Leader.

Senior Programmer Analyst (Data Acquisition)
February 1996 to January 2000

Supervisor: Carl Scott (931)454-4620, Sverdrup Technology Inc., Arnold AFB, Tennessee

Created realtime data acquisition Software, drivers, and user interfaces for Digital Unix, Microsoft NT, OS/2, and VXWorks using C, Visual C++, and Ada. Created and maintained the data recording and playback software, and utility libraries for the data system used in all Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) turbine and rocket test cells. Used Intersolve's PVCS for version control of all software. Wrote multi-platform client/server interface to Microsoft SQL Server. Supported system administration, security, and troubleshooting on all systems. Technical Achievement Award. Extra Miler Award. Team Excellence Award.

Senior Systems Programmer/Analyst
January 1993 to January 1996

Supervisor: Mike Wells (615)454-4290, ACS Corporation, Arnold AFB, Tennessee

Maintained computers that ran variants of the UNIX operating system and supported its users. Extensive experience with many flavors of UNIX including IRIX, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Ultrix, Convex/OS and Linux. Primary administrator on the UTAN workstation cluster (using LSF). Co-admin on both classified and unclassified HP-Convex supercomputers and STK Powderhorn Silos (Timberline & Redwood drives). High Performance computing web site creator/maintainer. HMMS Oracle administrator.

Network security expert. Wrote AEDC's firewall software (NN, FTP, Telnet, HTTP, Gopher, SMTP proxies). Co-administrator of the firewalls. Administrated the system for safe access to AEDC from the Internet using ACE SecurID cards. Used Tripwire, PGP, Satan, COPS, and SPY security tools. Installed and maintained many of the network information servers at AEDC including a gopher server, the CCF WWW server, and AEDC's public Internet server (FTP, WAIS, .DNS, HTTP/WWW, mail lists, BB).

Taught classes in C++, HTML, beginning UNIX, and advanced UNIX. Programmed in C, C++, C & Bourne Shells, Perl, Tk/TCL, Ada, Java, and Fortran using X11, Motif, GL, RPC, Sockets, PVM, and Express. Strong knowledge of PC programming. Wrote client-server programs for MS Windows using C++, Visual Basic, and Access. 2 Employee and 1 Team of the Quarter Award.

Database Programmer A
May 1988 to January 1993

Supervisor: Monte Stewart (615)454-4482, OAO Corporation, Arnold AFB, Tennessee

Responsible for maintaining, supporting, and creating databases within the CA/DATACOM DB environment operating on an IBM 3090/XA under MVS. Strong knowledge of the various systems used at AEDC, including ROSCOE, TSO, ISPF, and CICS, DBASE IV, and MS SQL Server.

Programming in CA/IDEAL, C, C++, Ada, Visual Basic, COBOL, DATAREPORTER, IBM JCL, 80386 assembler, ROSCOE/RPF, SQL, TSO/CLIST, and CA/DATAQUERY.

Created a system that automates physical database design and implementation, an extended database constraint verification package, an automatic code analysis tool, a 4GL multi-user rapid prototyping language and environment for PCs, the hypertext system used for maintaining database administrators procedures, an application program generator for CA/IDEAL and CA/DATAREPORTER, and user applications for the mainframe and the PC. Application of Neural Network technologies to database mining. Employee of the Quarter Award.