I'm Fuller

The TRS-80 Model I with 4 KB and a cassette deck was my first computer. I will always have a love for it. I don't have a real one anymore, but I do maintain this emulator page. A lot of the code was written by Peter Phillips and I thank him so much for it. I attached the virtual keyboard, all the programs, and the ability to store programs.

TRS-80 Emulator with Programs

The IBM-PC was a very important platform for me. I used it for many years before Windows existed.


Many years ago I wanted a TI-99/4a. I bought several off Ebay a couple of years ago and put them together to make one good one. Then I decided that I needed the space so I gave it away. I knew that I could always run an emulator. It is still amazing to me that you can run an emulator for many of my old favorite computers in Javascript.

Javascript TI-99/4a

My last computer in college was a Tandy Color Computer. This online CoCo 2 emulator called JS Mocha really brings back old memories.

Tandy Color Computer 2 Emulator